You are the blue light streaming from tonatiuh

Echoed in the chambers of the heart of the water

Dancing and driving dna back to a root of home


I am grandson of coyoxauhqui

Tonatiuh is.my grandfather i dance in his light

I will migrate back to quetzalcoatl some day

Where i was born and become water again

let the sun decide your home
let the moon lead you back
towards where we all can walk along
the barbed wire fence and know that we can
climb to the house of seven esperanzas


We are a ghost nation of immigrants

From all directions forgetting this turtle island

Has bones rattling of native ancestors wanting to migrate to the soil where their song are sung


Too many stolen lands to give back

Too many broken treaties and walls to take down

This is the lie bordering your corazon


So this mythology goes that this new mexican land is full of pure blood hispanics that date back to the days when santa fe was first colonized by baby eating spanish hunter dogs but the term hispanic was born out of the 1980s u.s census in order to clump all us spanish speaking peoples into a category cuz you know puerto ricans. Cubans mexicans centro americanos we are all the same

So these spanish lost souls migrated across the ocean
Bigger wetbacks than any mexicans cuz we crossed the rio grand they crossed the whooole atlantic
Baring a cross in one hand and a sword in the other
And they tried to cut the indian outta you even though
You were never indian cuz you were from turtle island and not from india. They tried to cut it out. Your tongue. Your hand. Your foot. They slayed and burned and gashed. Not knowing they were sacrificing your blood to the earth. They tried to slay the pueblo out of you. The azteca . Raramuri. Apache. Lakota. Cheyenne out of.you. their small dogs tried to devour your children. Their big horse dogs tried to trample you. Us. And failed . To some extent becauze your blood..our native blood fell on this red dirt. So we could re member that it was never . Never a peaceful conquest. And la virgen de la conquista could not have been a bloodless conquest. Are you re membering


Nobody wants to talk about how malva salva trucha

Became such a threat becausr of prison and immigration practices. Men piled and stacked and turned. Tossed back to centro america. With so many ties. And now a nation of refugees running from their country. Riding on the beast. Get stacked and piled. Women and children put in detention centers . Their stories silenced in this america. The center of america is burning


We will all migrate towards the ash and dust

The home of our bones rattling home

Until then. Show me how you dance drink eat sing kneel


Las jaolas de oro de america que nos.muestran

Como nacer de nuevo con alas de barro

Con el.recocimiento que ni plata ni oro.ni cobre

Compara con las alas y huesos de nuestras abuelas y abuelos mostrando el camino a lo mas rojo

The peace and dignity run migrates from
The tip of alaska to the tip of south america
Every four years connecting re
Membering tribes along the way
This run was started october 12 1992
500 years after colombus
The dancing memory of the childrens childrens children. Running and praying on the back
Of our first mother


Whats foriegn to us is the scent in.our hollow bones

Where we are the song of first breath

The heart.of our first mother beating in our eyes


You are blood dirt burning

The codices they put in those fires then

Have migrates to the dna of your song


Our skin is layers of renamed borders

Like layers.of earths herstory renamed

Like rings of redwoods never named

Line circles echoing dna roots with our first name


berlin wall crumbled

china wall still a temple seen in the sky

mayan walls knew they would never borderthe jungle. The earths skin will always breathe


The santa fe immigration sancturary myth can be dismissed by asking people on the southside how they feel about ice and police on airport road or go facebook some of them highspanics loving trumps immigration plan

This migration center of anahuak turtle island
Thousands of years of trade and tribes
Before we were.mexican we were hopi and.azteca
Apache dine yaqui raramuri huichol
These trade routes where in our dna
And even then our bloood and earth were red


Along the sonora desert the snake skin of coyotes

Bends and bleeds along the rio grande

Waiting for the river to hide centro american dreamscapes


these walls are home

these.borders more

but berlin crumbled.with the hammers and hands of grandmothers and father wanting to embrace their. Ancestors flesh


This wall i call home.underneath the mexican american border are.the bones.of hummingbirds y coyotes that migrated to the center of quetzalcoatl

Looking for spider songs to bury


These mexican american dreams are.ours to keep amd bury and seed the roots of border struggles along the sonora desert there are too many lloronas and llorones nameless bones whistling with the dna of ehecatl

Waiting for new mexican credentials to rise from the red dirt


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