we can imagine an ‘immigrant sanctuary’ in santa fe and the safety

as students get harrased in classrooms in a post Donald Trump phenomenon

keep saying “immigrants are not victims” here or anywhere


in the age of “LA BESTIA” a black train migrating centro americanos towards the U.S.

when a young woman or any woman runs. crosses. knowing she will be raped atleast once.

she conceives that price. what is she leaving behind. what is she running from.


Governor Susana Martinez the first hispanic governor with mexican grandparents

Has made it clear that she doesn’t want those immigrants coming over

Her mocha chocolate coconut skin and her power suit must give her amnesia

that her lineage is not rich texas oil money. as much as she would like to believe.

you can’t change your name. you can’t change the tongues that came in your d.n.a.

you can’t take back your grandmother’s and great grandmother’s feet

they are the bones that rattle your snake wings.


Obama has deported more than 2 million immigrants

More than any other president. Immigration Law Enforcement

has torn many families apart. Deport the bread winner of the family

and place them in detention where they disappear. Watch the rest

try to figure out where this American Dream will take them




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