Dear Donald Trump

you bring out the best and the worst and the inbetween of amerikkka

yes that latent part of amerikkka that has been hiding under white hoods

and under lobbyist platforms that want to find that perfect scapegoat

whether you’re talking about mexican immigrants or any other refugees

from south of the US border that are fleeing american politics and their

dire effects on this america. this america without a bordered fence

this america that has been turtle island long before columbus or anybody

else who was lost at sea came here. but i am enjoying what is happening

through you. through you’re rhetoric and insecurities that tie back to slave

holders and businessmen that want to imagine that the problem here is

the immigrant. or the terrorists. or all the other race related problems

that the US was trying to pretend were over because now there was

a black president. but its all coming out of the shadows. police killings.

white power and all these folks rising out of the word works trying to vote

for you . you are not the problem. at all. you are just a mere precious symptom

of the illness plaguing this amnesia ridden amerikkka. that has been pretending

for years that this type of reality. was null and void. but you prove it differently.

you show it to us blatantly. and somehow manage to say i love ‘hispanics’.

i love ‘the black’.. etc etc etc. oh mr. trump. you’ve managed to show the transparency

of racism in amerikkka. so preciously blatant. so preciously ill. so precious now.

i actually thank you for this. because without you. the rest of the country might want

to continue pretending. might want to continue hiding in the amnesia. hiding in the

realities of white priviledge. and all its precious manifestations.



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