#chicanopulpfiction part 2

there are ghosts underneath the bed that are undocumented

i know nobody bothered to tell you that they were there

waiting for the eighth sun to arrive in order to become

just another migrant in the spine of quetzalcoatl

its that we are waiting for the okay

breathing through the tragedy of racism

eating at our own ghost let alone the ghost underneath the bed

dont worry about becoming holistic anytime soon

just re-member that you are an undocumented alien

from some part of quetzalcoatl. they can’t take away


eat all your grapes, your champurrados your ocean water

all your dust songs all your vegetables and enchiladas

don’t forget that theres a long history of trying to resolve

border issues and fronteras. this isn’t just a us mexico border thing

all around the world the refugees are being displaced. and the cost

of becoming a member of society depends on a line. marked on maps

marked on paper. marked on tragedy. marked on possiblities. that you

and me or both are in the wrong place. but we set the table. to eat freejoles

anyway. so that everybody can have some bean soup. bean pie. bean something

on the other side of the awareness. you have people that only eat organic blue corn

tortillas with goat cheese enchiladas . the goat must have been given a daily back

massage by a local mexican curandera. this curandera must have jumped or swam

or dived into the rio grande to cross la frontera. she must have done this atleast five

times. in order for it to be legitimate organic border products.


nafta gave me a piece of the gold that no one wanted to devour any more

somewhere along the tragedy of this frontera mexican mothers eat the ghost of their children

only after the sonora desert or a border patrol coyote has swallowed them

i wonder how many border patrol agents pay off coyotes so they can meet their quota

i don’t like the sound of barrio screeches over barrio sirens while we’re trying to re-discover

christopher colombus’s use  for an organic lowrider. i’m pretty sure we can keep the possibility

to ourselves. that we are left with a sea of borderline nameless ingrediants and we wont be able

to have too many fish tacos without another illegal search and siesure



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