“You know migration is not just a South American and Mexican Issue its happening in Europe also”


as if i didn’t know

war was happening anywhere

as if they paintings on the wall

all the drawings that fill my studio space

are about something that doesn’t matter

as if there is nothing more you have to say

about the markings i have created


yes european war is like local war

but you don’t want to address this

like you want to talk about starving children in africa

and not deal with new mexican children going hungry

you want to talk about water rights on the other side of the world

but don’t want to deal with local contamination of rivers by corporate entities


lets abstract the notions a little further

lets create some variation of immigration that is migration

that i about walking a dog and all the places his foot prints

have landed. lets take pictures of his paws across the new mexican

landscape. but them on glicee prints. watch the notions become

some unperturbed thought provoking enterprise of elitism

somehow when we talk about elitism. we don’t want to talk about

racism. somehow when we talk about the spaces we occupy

and who occupies them . we don’t want to talk about class

or gender politics of who and why is taking up space.

and we want to call this advanced practiced. we want to talk

about colonization and its effects and appropriation but we

dont’ want to stare into the smoking mirror


lets begin again.

i like you . like me. like us.

i am here to help mend

this broken hoop

this hoop is black red yellow white


we don’t like to talk about the sharp edges of white supremacy and its effects

on daily practices. these words come off differently if it was Tim White saying them

irregardless if their ramifications are the same.


Too many Times the silencing comes through the passive acknowledgement of something else

too many times the silencing means something else somewhere else sometime else

its not that its not that its not i mean really i would but i can’t but i wont

its not really up to me but its them its not that i am like that

i mean i’m just a part of something that i don’t agree with but if i could

i would i mean its not so much about that its about what we can

and can’t do.


there are too many ghosts here. lingering along the border

of syria. of azltan. of germany. there are too many ghosts

trying to get to the other side.


why don’t you paint a picture of a nice

white german puppy instead

of a mexican chihuahua

dia de los muertos 14


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