24 hour comics day 14#enddetention
all along the frontera on the south end
not along the frontera on the north end
women and children refugees fleeing
la violencia de centro america mexico
bodies disappearing. bodies burning.
bodies unnamed. bodies and bones in pieces
running along the edge of these waters
towards the american landscape
being caged in “las hieleras “
the ice boxes
where they say its too cold
sleeping on concrete floors
sometimes there is only room to sleep sitting
sometimes there in only room for sleep standing
always the lights are kept on
where there is sometimes an aluminum blanket
where sometimes there is soap for your hands
where there is never showers
where you are only supposed to be held for hours
sometimes your held for days
where women and children sometimes
sleep near the restroom floor because its a little warmer
where sometimes there is only one cup
for 20 women and children to drink water from
where sometimes there is no water to drink
and sometimes they get to talk on the phone
to border agents who tell them they are not america’s problem
where sometimes they are coerced into signing their own deportation
where sometimes children and women
are seperated from their family just to make an example
to let families know . they can do whatever they want
because no one is watching.
along the frontera. on the south end
we try to silence the wars that have been going on
for years. we try to sweep the american rug
sometimes the bodies stop disappearing.
sometimes the bodies stop burning.
sometimes the bodies have names.
sometimes the bodies stop running.
sometimes the bodies and bones and blood
and tears and screams and running
can be heard all along turtle island.

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