fronteras y corazones


There are stories stuck in my throat
i went down to dilley texas for a week
and translated and heard the stories of women and children
detained at the border then detained in texas as they were fleeing
their war torn countries, as men are fleeing their war torn countries
but they are from centro america. mexico. so they are not in this
conversation about refugees. they are silenced
they are treated like animals. held in spaces
that are called “las hieleras ” “the iceboxes”
held in spaces called “la perrera” “the dog kennel”
where they are not allowed to shower, and sometimes
have to sleep on concrete floors for days
then they are taken to other detention centers
where there is more mistreatment
there is big money in private prisons
there is big money in homeland security going
towards housing and detaining people for longs
periods of times. big money floating around
silencing the violation in human rights
in our own backyard. big money
keeping children and women locked up
keeping men locked up



all along the frontera on the south end
not along the frontera on the north end

women and children refugees fleeing
la violencia de centro america mexico

bodies disappearing. bodies burning.
bodies unnamed. bodies and bones in pieces

running along the edge of these waters
towards the american landscape

being caged in “las hieleras ”
the ice boxes
where they say its too cold

sleeping on concrete floors
sometimes there is only room to sleep sitting

sometimes there in only room for sleep standing

always the lights are kept on
where there is sometimes an aluminum blanket

where sometimes there is soap for your hands
where there is never showers

where you are only supposed to be held for hours
sometimes your held for days

where women and children sometimes
sleep near the restroom floor because its a little warmer

where sometimes there is only one cup
for 20 women and children to drink water from

where sometimes there is no water to drink
and sometimes they get to talk on the phone

to border agents who tell them they are not america’s problem
where sometimes they are coerced into signing their own deportation

where sometimes children and women
are seperated from their family just to make an example

to let families know . they can do whatever they want
because no one is watching.

along the frontera. on the south end
we try to silence the wars that have been going on

for years. we try to sweep the american rug
sometimes the bodies stop disappearing.

sometimes the bodies stop burning.
sometimes the bodies have names.

sometimes the bodies stop running.
sometimes the bodies and bones and blood

and tears and screams and running
can be heard all along turtle island.

we will remember this like we remember
the japanese internment camps
family detention centers will sit in the back
of our throats like the horrors and atrocities
of the american nightmare . all the silenced
children being places in prison
all the silenced mothers being placed
in prison

for running for their life


underneath the premise
there hang the nooses of american paradigms
there hangs the world
there hangs our mothers and fathers
there hang the american dreams
there hangs the undocumented lies
there hangs the place where nobody remembers
there hangs the faces of children
there hangs the names of all their fathers and brothers burned
buried decapitated limbs used to scribe on walls
there hangs the face of americas borderless refugeeless
centro america

its unspoken war
unspoken guns
unspoken drugs

hiding underneath the sand
hiding underneath these americas flags

unnamed children unnamed women
named children named women
imprisoned and tagged with ankle bracelets

as part of american economy
of borderless refugeeless centro america


dont you be afraid this is your america
don’t you swallow the pill this is your america
don’t you be telling others you are fearing for your life
this is your american paradigm
don’t you tell them you saw the children
all sick inside of american prison walls
one mother two children
one mother one child
one mother three children

one mother lying to get to the other side of death
one mother telling the truth under the border walls

about being sequestered
about being held for more than ransom

about trying to find the other side of america
off to the center

off to where the lawyer might figure out
how my asylum case can be put together

so i don’t have to go home and die
so my children don’t have to die before me

she never said this
she just thought it over and over
inside of four american prison walls
full of esperanza




the american dream screaming through the border walls

you wont find anything new here. just the same conditions

that have been going on for years. inside of the immigrant prison pipeline

bodies being shipped across america in the name of homeland security

bodies disappearing into a prison industrial complex. undocumented

mothers and children held for months inside prison money

outside we are left wondering. when these american refugees

will be looked at. for a second we almost believe that these are just

consequences of the american dream. somebody has to be held.

somebody isn’t going to make it. nobody wants to talk about the layers

of american paradigms inside this american manifestation. inside

this conundrum..

maybe they are thinking..

well we have to lock up these children. because they pose a threat to american security

we have to lock up the children and their mothers because we don’t know if they are terrorist.

we have to lock up children and their siblings. inside these four american prison walls

because this is part of the border. we can’t just let them in. more will come. and they are coming

by the droves. they are fleeing their country and that is simply not our problem. can you imagine how many would come. if we made it okay.

they need to deal with it. this is not america’s problem.

they need to deal with it.


on the other side of the fence

a rifle. a knife. a tatto gun.

a set of choices. either you

join the gang. or you die.

or you run.


either border patrol catches you and lets you plea

for an asylum case. or he manages to undocument you

and send you back to the place you spent days. weeks.

months. running from. only to get sent right back

where they are waiting for you at the bridge.


the policy of become human

first place children and women
that have been fleeing for their lives
at the border inside cages and call it
family residential center

next make sure you get all the children
or a good percentage of the children sick

give them water as medication
whenever they approach you with an ailment

make sure you lie about the children and womens
reasons for coming to the country

make sure you document the undocumented
make sure you talk about how they have no credible fear

that they only reason they are traveling. knowing that
as women they will be raped atleast twice

that these women are traveling with children
soley for a good paying american job

this has nothing to do with war
or the war on immigration

this has nothing to do with the fact that
they are running from anything

there is nothing to fear when bodies are disappearing
when your family members are chopped up in front of your eyes

there is nothing to be said
about a child repeating over and over

they killed him mommy. he’s dead. why did they kill him. they killed him mommy he did.

this has nothing to do with starving children in jail cells
force their mothers to sign deportation papers

this has nothing to do with human rights
this has nothing to do with children’s rights
this has nothing to do with peace and dignity

this is just border patrol american prison big business
its part of the america dream. its the immigrant story


24 hour comics day9


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